Guide to Buying Healthy Frozen Seafood

Some people find it daunting to buy frozen seafood. They are not sure how to tell if the seafood inside the clouded ice and packaging is really fresh.
The first thing that need to be addressed is the supplier you are buying from. You need to make sure that your frozen seafood supplier is a reputable company.
If you know of anyone who always buys frozen seafood, you can ask if the supplier of frozen seafood can be trusted in supplying premium quality ones. If you already know that the company suppling frozen seafood is reputable, it will be easier to buy frozen fish and other frozen seafood from the company.
Today, you can find advanced fishing and storing techniques that reputable seafood dealers  use. They catch ad freeze their fish and other seafood within just a few hours. If you buy your frozen seafood from these dealers, you will be assured that even though buying frozen, the seafood is quite literally fresh as it has been caught and ready to sell in their shops within a day at the most. Read gourmet seafood recipes here!
Because of the current technological freezing processes, seafood and fish can be eaten literally all year round with supreme confidence  with us knowing that the seafood will be retaining all its original freshness.
Frozen seafood is also a lot cheaper than buying fresh fish. In general seafood is a luxury food item for some families, and this is why buying frozen seafood is going to help them immensely. Know more about seafood at http://www.ehow.com/how_5059661_cook-crabs.html.
It is not true that if you eat fish that has been frozen, it will lose its nutritional value compared to fresh fish. The frozen fish that you buy from reputable sources have been flash frozen at sea and maintain its frozen state right up until it is in your kitchen.
If you have bought fresh fish and then you freeze it in the freezer, this is another matter. It will still have the same nutritional value as flash frozen fish. The reality is that most fresh fish you have ever eaten has been frozen at some time before you have eaten it, unless you have caught it yourself.
It is true that in seafood shops at http://www.pier33gourmet.com/ or supermarkets, previously frozen fish can be marked as fresh.
Don't be afraid to buy frozen seafood. In most cases, this frozen seafood being sold are most likely fresher fish in its frozen state.